Human Papilloma virus In Men: A Guide from 24 Hours Pharmacies in France

All 24 hours pharmacies in France will always give quality advice on various diseases and complications. In this regard, a guidebook to help men living in France, as well as in other countries, has been made public. This guide mainly aims at bringing the comprehension about the Human Papilloma Virus to men. In return, men will strive to do their best to avoid getting the disease.

The killer disease has existed since the 18th taking many lives with it. 

century claimed thousands of lives. However, since then, discoveries of drugs to curb the disease have been made. This makes 24 hours pharmacies ( ) in France to conduct research and report findings in a simple and understandable language to all men. Sensitization of people to know the signs and symptoms of the HPV have been done with vigor by medical providers in France. As a result, the HPV deaths have gone done.

Signs and Symptoms

Human Papilloma virus is a common sexually transmitted disease that affects nearly all sexually active individuals. Although, HPV increases the risk of cervical cancer, most of the information about HPV is centered on women. However, Human Papilloma virus in Men can cause a series of health problems too and as such should be taken seriously. On this note, it is crucial that men should understand and learn how to reduce the risk of HPV infections.

Just like HPV causes cervical cancer and genital warts in women, it also affects men too and leads to genital (penile) cancer or warts. Although penile cancer is not so common, some men have suffered the disease as a result of chronic HPV infections. The virus can also cause genital warts in men.  However, there are several different types of human papilloma virus, and some HPV infections can clear on their own without any health problems. Existing HPVs are grouped as either high-risk or low-risk virus. The low-risk infections can lead to health problems such as genital warts. On the other hand the high-risk HPVs lead to cervical, penile and other associated cancers. So men, Beware!

Causes of HPV in Men

Human Papilloma virus in Men, just like every other sexually transmitted infection is caused by unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person. The use of condoms may not provide full protection from the virus because they do not cover the entire genital skin. HPV spreads by skin contact through the tiny breaks in the genital skin.

So if you have any form of sexual intercourse (anal, vaginal or oral) with an infected person, you are at risk of contracting the virus. The virus can also be contacted whether or not your infected partner has signs or system, one of the reasons why it is the most common sexually transmitted disease.

Risk of Human Papilloma virus in Men

Most HPV infections do not cause any health problems and go away on their own. However, if the infection does not go away, it will lead to serious health concerns, and you will begin to notice symptoms months or years after you have contracted the virus. As mentioned earlier, health problems as a result of HPV are less common in men. However, three male subpopulations are at increased risk of contracting the virus and developing health problems. They include;

–          Men with weak immune systems

–          Uncircumcised men

–          Men who engage in sexual activity with other men

High-risk HPV leads to cancer for both males and females. Although, the occurrence in women in higher, it does affect men too. The common types of HPV-related cancers in men include penile cancer, throat cancer, and anal cancer. This means that if you expose yourself to the HPV virus, you are potentially at risk of developing penile, anal or throat cancer or even more than one type at the same time. However, the most common HPV cancer in men is throat cancer. HPV can also lead to genital warts, and a lot of men suffer from this disease as a result of low-risk HPVs.

Symptoms of HPV in Men

Human Papilloma virus in Men causes genital warts and cancers. Genital warts in men usually appear as small bumps on the penis or anus. These warts take on different shapes and sizes and sometimes look like cauliflower. Any healthcare provider can quickly diagnose genital warts by looking at it. If you notice any unusual growth in your genital area, you should consult your physician immediately.

HPV-related cancers such as penile or throat cancer develop very slowly and may not be diagnosed until years after HPV infection. Just like it is not known why some people suffer from HPV infections and others do not, check also with your dentist ( ) because it can pass through teeth, it is not also known who will have a temporary infection and who can develop cancer after HPV infection.

Some symptoms of penile cancer include painful or painless growth or sores on the penis, tissue changes on the penis. Men with throat cancer will experience symptoms like a persistent sore throat or ear pain, persistent coughing, weight loss, lumps in the neck, voice changes, etc.

How to Reduce the Risk of Human Papilloma virus in Men

You can reduce your risk of being infected with human papilloma virus by following these simple guidelines.

–          Avoid unprotected sexual intercourse by using condoms correctly and consistently

–          By limiting your number of sexual partners

–          By avoiding sex with any partner

Final Words

Human Papilloma virus in Men may not be as common as those in women, but it can be spread and contacted by both sexes. Even though the virus does not cause health problems in many individuals, there is still no way of knowing how or why. On this note, we all need to be careful, so as not to suffer the effects of high-risk HPV infections. However, if you notice any unusual growth around your genitals, you should see your health care provider immediately. You should also be consistent with your treatment because genital warts can re-suffice even after treatment.